Leasing Myths

Leasing Myths and Misconceptions

Leasing Myths and Misconceptions bringing bad light for new car leases. In United States more then 35% of car sales are leases. Let us explain the biggest five myths about leasing a car.

1) Leasing a car is a bad deal.

WRONG! Leasing might not be for everyone, but its definitely not a bad deal. If you like to get a new car every 3-4 years, leasing is best option for you since you don’t have to worry about paying off your financed car before selling it or taking it to dealership for a trade off and if you owe more then the vehicle value, you end up in negative equity and we see it happens a lot.  You also end up paying much less monthly then financing and also wouldn’t be paying taxes on a full vehicle cost which leads to a good $30+ in monthly savings. Also out of pocket cost is much less with leasing then financing as well.

2) It’s nearly impossible to negotiate a good lease.

WRONG! WRONG! WRONG! You just need to call us or contact us via our easy contact us form  and we do all negotiation for you. With Excellent Lease you would get a best lease, NOT good but BEST possible monthly payment. Since we lease and finance a lot of cars and get our cars directly from manufacturing fleet departments our lease payment would be much cheaper then you would get at your local dealership! We also aware of all available rebates, incentive’s and programs on the market, we can use that information to provide you with best lease. Currently we work in States of New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania.  We also serve New York City ( Brooklyn, Staten Island, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan) Long Island, Westchester , Newark, Jersey City, Albany, Trenton ,Philadelphia and Etc.

3) Only businesses get a tax break.

Currently tax laws allow businesses to deduct monthly leasing payments as an expense, which is great for any business. Also regular individuals can save on taxes, depends on your state law.

4) You will have to pay hefty fees when you turn in the car.

If you taking care of your car as you would take care of the car you actually own, and have normal wear and tear use there is no fees at all. Just return your lease to any dealership and that it. Simple and Easy. If you have overage in mileage, you would end up paying for it, but you can always prepay and it would be much cheaper. If you have no issues with the mileage = no fees for you. A lot of auto brands offer free maintenance which covers absolutely everything. Also if you want to have that peace of mind, we can offer you Tire and Wheel insurance which would cover any issues you might have during your lease term: such as flat tire, cracked wheel and etc. Also we offer wear and tear insurance which can cover 5,000+ in damages to the car and its only adds few dollars to your monthly payment, but you end up having a peace of mind you wanted.

 5) If you want out early, you’re stuck.

There is many ways how you can get out of your lease early, We can guide you and help you as well. There is few websites which allows you to swap a lease to someone who is interested in taking your lease or there is many other ways how we can help you get out of your current car lease.

If you have any questions feel free and contact us via our local phone number for New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and Pennsylvania or use our contact us page. We are here to help you save money on your car lease or auto financing.



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